Thursday, May 03, 2007

Inside a toilet

Today in the news, Bloternary Trifal Gouch.
Also in the news Lee Evans joins the cast of Spiderman three.
The Daily Crumb Skype Sketch 1:
With guest appearance from Adam Phillips.

Now me and Matt Menhenick were exploring youtube and came across

And here are some examples of THE YUTUBE MISERABLE VLOGGER.

Losserdude speaks miserably about how he may have to leave youtube.
Now Losserdude speaks about how he's BACK and he's quit college. And we REALLY want to know! I should recommend biteybiteybitey makes a vlog actually.
and now, WOW! It's 'lonelygirl15' (Meant to be one of the most viewed 'vloggers' on Yutube talking about drunk people.
And then one day someone on youtube lost their biscuits. Losserdude was the first with sympathy.
"Just.. love the new biscuit."
So i thought, maybe i should join in the video logging game, well, maybe for just for a one off.

(may not work if you're an early viewer)

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Oh, ya gotta see this. Losserdude complains about a haircut.

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