Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gascandles back for revenge, or is he?

Today in the news woosh bucket snipe traffic warden ouch.
Remember a few millenniums ago a Tom Benfall came to our attention stealing a selection of Arj and Poopy cartoons. ( and some other amazing works from Bernard Derriman. (
It came to Brackenwood forums attention, you can find the thread here.
He stupidly posted his address.
So me and my mate Joseph who happened to live in the area went out with a little survey.
Well i looked up his good old msn address again and gave him a real Daily Crumb chat.
Chat was Gascandle:
Gooooood Morning, do u know who this is?
One of the f**s that tried to embarras me but failed?
Who then?
wrong again soldier! well, im one of the 'cool guys' that succeeded in trying to embarrass you.
I was never embarrassed, And if I was, I forgot about whatever you did that day
yes, you blocked it out of your memory
Oh i guess i did.
Anyway, its been on the internet for ages now.
Now I am going to smash you
I love that line!
Ill smash you
I'm in the UK now anyway kiddo
I guess ill just have to smash one of your local friends that live nearby -.-
all moved away cause they were so scared of you!
hey, how do you feel being taken DOWN by the Daily Crumb?
Being taken DOWN? I cant go down
apart from when you actually DID go down
i never went down
yeh we took you down.


Great new painting from Laura Williams on the forum based and worldwide game, PIRATES vs NINJAS.
(If you look at it from far away it looks a bit like a video game.) It's fantastic as usual.

(Click on it for bigger version kids)

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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