Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Today in the news soggy paper is to be dried in the sun, if there is no sun heaters do not work. Grab two sticks and make fire, once made fire be careful not to burn paper. Hold paper over burning flame. When flame rips through wood throw it away in case the burning of hands. If paper does not dry, buy a shredder and some new paper.
Also in the news:
"Prince Harry's life story is set to be turned into a Bond-style action film, according to reports."

Sorry, what?

"The British Royal is third in line to the throne and known for being an Army officer by day and a bit of a 'playboy prince' by night, with his stunning girlfriend Chelsy Davy and glamorous lifestyle.

And it seems Hollywood types reckon his life story will make a great movie, following the success of Oscar winner The Queen, about Harry's granny.

"This film could be huge," a source told The Star. "Girls would love it because Harry has become a bit of a pin-up for the way he parades in his uniform. And lads would love it because of the thrills, spills and beautiful ladies which have featured in Harry's life."

And while there's no named film-company attached to the project yet, the script is written and casting is already underway. The source added: "There have already been auditions of Harry lookalikes, although they had to rewrite the script after he was pulled back from Iraq."

If you're looking for a Harry look alike, look no further.

I'm just giving the most interesting news out there, something else amazing occured.
"Reality TV chef GORDON RAMSAY's life is set to be turned into a movie. Film rights of the fiery cook's autobiography Humble Pie has been sold - and Ramsay already has an idea of who he would like to take on the lead role. He says, "It would be a tough part. Russell Crowe is a favourite actor of mine - we get on very well." But he concedes, "We'll have an early insight into the script but the cast's got nothing to do with me. In many ways I don't want it to be anyone well known as I'd like an actor to be discovered on the back of this. "

The Daily Crumb went to interview Gordon:
Is it true your life is going to be made into a feature length film?
- What the **** are ******* talking about you ******* Crumb!??!!?
Yes.. Will it be a James bond type film?
- ****

Not much else on that.
Back to the studio

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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