Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mountain artwork and Paskon Flair

Today in the news vsm upi trsf yjod

Also in the news Laura Williams released another MIND BLOWING piece of work. Once again another challenging painting.

(We're sponsored by her)
Check it out below. (Click on it for more detailed version or view it at deviant art)

Description: Mountains in north wales in the snowdonia area
My first landscape so be nice
Tools: cintiq 21UX, photoshop CS2
time: no idea... 5 hours?

The Daily Crumb attempted to interview her, but got a gate in our face. So next we dressed up as characters from Star Wars and pretended we were from Wikipedia.
The monkeys were dressed as Storm Troopers and were finding it hard to hold the microphone so all we have is this written report.
What got you into painting?
well it could be when I found all my dads art stuff from when he was in college it could be when my older sister gave me the cartoon book by preston blair. I was about 10 I think and I remember drawing rabbits on the way to my great aunts funeral in the car. I was really sick by the end of the day from going down winding roads and not looking where the car was goin
Painting digitally started on brackenwood and was mainly inspired by the work of Humbleego
Do you mind the monkeys?
they stole my chocolate, next question
Who inspires you?
"was mainly inspired by the work of Humbleego"
I'm inspired digitally by Daniel Dociu who's done concept art for A LOT of games including Guild Wars (go look at his gallery). I'm also inspired by Comlock, Humbleego, Espen, Adam Philips and a few others I can't remember right now but especially Espen as he's around my age and I'm crazy for his fantasy setting though, like Espen. mainly I like taking things from the past and adding a modern feel to them.
of a futuristic feel
What do you look at when referencing a picture?
I have the photo on photoshop, double the width of the canvas and work next to the reference photo so I can refer to it every time I need to check how the lighing works. You can see how I do it in my doctor comparison and a few others
You say you like the fantasy style, planning to do any paintings of that sort in the future?
I simply HAVE to paint a Jedi! I'd also like to create my own fantasy setting though, like Espen. mainly I like taking things from the past and adding a modern feel to them.
of a futersitic feel. but yes there'll be some fantasy stuff when I get more confident with my human anatomy, perspectives etc (which I'll be working on this summer)
Woo look forward to a Jedi!
Those monkeys arent real stormtroopers, they're just dressed up. Does that scare you?
Yes, no one should dress up as a storm trooper and not actually be one. It's hard enough figuring those guys out when they're not stabbing you in the back and following the Sith instead. DAMN YOU STORM TROOPERS!
Anything else?
Thanks for your time Cap'n Laura Williams.

You can find Humbleego and Espen at
Look forward to next week when Monet gives us a visit.

Paskon Flair

Now some of you may remember years ago i owned my own forum. Check out the remains of it here.

Whilst i was there i created a nice language to learn for people who dont want to learn.

It was titled the Paskon Flair.
All it is, is you write everything normally on the keyboard but one key right. Then to read it, you obviously read one key left.

Wikipedia facts: (May contain Spoilers) A keyboard language. Another title for it is, 'Doogna'.

Above ^^ (,shov")


Right of the key , is M

Right of the key S is A

" " H is G

" " O is I

" " V is C

" " " is !

jo (Hi)
jpe t i? (How r u?) (Question marks are used normally)
P, hpppppf (O Goooood)
hppf hppf (Good Good)
So on....

The Daily Crumb
Yjr Fso;u Vti,n

Its the simplest language on the internet. Apart from the one you know already. ie:

Internet Explorer. Also useful for hiding what you're saying from people with others though thats rude so dont do it. WARNING: The language is actually THAT simple that after a while a person might teach themselves anyway from what you've written.

Sketches complete and non complete:
Intro: complete
Mike Swain sketch: complete
Driller sketch: complete
Tomothy and pals: complete
Adam Phillips: non
Band/Dance: non
Credits/ David Firth: non

Other news:

TORCHWOOD in Australia:
Channel Ten in Australia have been trailing the arrival of Torchwood to the network.
The channel has no previous connection with Doctor Who, which has always been shown on the ABC network.
The promos have the tag: "Capt Jack Harkness, the man who cannot die!"
The series is set to begin next month.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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