Thursday, May 17, 2007

The bite, of a lethal Ozzy pie

Today in the news Rolf Harris eats a rats insides and blames it on Monet.


Also in the news:

"A woman and her baby survived a shark attack in knee-deep water at a popular Australian holiday beach"

Now, thats not a laughing matter but dosent that shark know Australia loses tourists to building up reports of deadly Ozzy animals.


Evil killer spiders in your bathtub, hanging over the toilets, jumping out of the shed. Sitting in your vegemite, making over seas calls. Climbing in your clothes, hanging over your head and BITEING YOU.

Three days later you're stone dead.

Actually... thats all true. But dont let it put you off.

Ok,now lets have a look at Australia's most deadly animals.

The Box Jellyfish

Irukandji (A Jellyfish)

Salt Water Crocodile

Blue Ring Octopus

Stone Fish

Red Back Spider

Brown Snake

Tiger Snake

Great White Shark

Funnel Web Spider

And i have seen, about three of them. Most commonly the Red Back spider.

Walking into the country of Australia and finding a red back spider on your shoulder is only as dangerous as someone in America buying a gun off of a police officer.

Actually, talking about walking into australia...


Flys everywhere.

Well in the right season anyway. Aussies tend to splatter dead fly and mix them into their warm mud soup.


People and Crocodiles


Meat, cooking on the BBQ

Living in the desert

2/4 correct.

i wont say which ones.

So dont be afraid of Australia.

You know, it wants you

(Except Americans)

- Nathan (munch)Viney

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