Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hayk Manukyan

Today in the news coin is on fire.

You may remember Hayk Manukyan, the fantastic animator.
Well now he is playing his character, Harut, with a bit more hair.

I think Robert Benfer and Hayk Manykyan just stole my idea to do live action comedy as well as animation.
It looks like this is the direction things are going.
Hayk, i love your latest video but i still think you should animate a lil more :).
It is all about popularity i suppose, but people dont realise whether you fail on Newgrounds or win a good front page place you still get HEAPS of views.
The treadmill bit is awesome.

If you are not sure what earlier animations of his were, here is an example.

is evidence of AMAZING animation


In other news
Apparently if you view this enough i might get money.

-The Daily Crumb

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