Saturday, November 08, 2008

David Firth's new Film, 'Dog of Man' and Robert Benfer goes to the MOON

Today in the moose we found a packet of crayons.

Robert Benfer (Knox) goes to the moon, keep watching untill the end.
This one IS CHILD FRIENDLY, unlike Firthys

Also in the news:
David Firth released a new film for 2008, you all know him from the creepy and wonderful Salad Fingers, Burnt Face Man and The Child that Smelt Funny (and many many more).
As much as this film is fantastic i would not advise it for younger viewers. Or adults who are easily offended.. honestly, so beware. I warned you.
Of course in a few cases this will offend adults more than younger viewers. So my advice is, unless you are a David Firth fan, dont watch it.

Dog of Man by David Firth (

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  1. this dog of man shut is fucked up