Monday, November 03, 2008

50 of the Worlds Best Marbles

Today in the mews a giant tub of ink was stabbed, pushed and forced to roll down a high hill. There is an investigation occuring at this point in time.

Sergeant Theo Clok spoke about the matter: "Are you being spammed this article in an email? dont blame yourself. Blame the stars.
I would like to release the fact that this is a suspected murder investigation. We have fourteen suspects, and all of these were at the scene of the crime. Every single one of them had ink on their hands and shirts.

One has told us he tried to reach out and save the giant tub of ink but was unsuccessful. We in the police people place disagree. We say all of them pushed the tub.
After a few experiments we discovered only fifteen people could actually push a giant tub of ink like this one.

It is obvious that they did not have a fifteenth person so decided to STAB the tub, leaking the fluid and causing it to become easier to push.
None of our suspects have given in to our torture as of yet. The police force sends thoughts out to the family of the poor fat tub of ink."

Here at the Daily Crumb, myself, Sammy the monkey and Laurajs stood in a minute of silence to remember the great tub that used to be our buddy, Fat tub of ink.

- The Daily Crumb

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