Sunday, November 02, 2008

The AntiCrumb

Today in the news 3 posts in one day IS going too far!

As you may have noticed somebody sent in an application form to apply for a job here at The Daily Crumb. Laurajs, the writer of Project Insanity which closed down due to racist comments in 2003 said this about The Daily Crumb: "I hang out with them alot yet they treat me like dirt sometimes! Either they're being snappy at me when im trying to help or they're complaining about another person to me!"

Please! Interested in writing for the Daily Crumb? We dont care anymore. Come along and send us a form.
All info can be found here

Do you really like reading the Daily Crumb? But continuously forget to check up on it?
Or we write too fast for you?
Do EXACTLY the same as you do for application and the Crumb will be delivered to your email every new article!
So once again, check out this link and email me your name

- The Daily Crumb

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  1. Never missed an article of the Daily Crumb! (This sentence may not be true!)