Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween was yesterday

Today in the news soon you will have to register to find out the news!
Comment on this below.

Would you like to be a writer for The Daily Crumb? The only online newspaper ON THE INTERNET that updates often to no readers at all?
Well now you can!
Just fill out this form!
Then just

After that you'll get the job! No trust is required, you're right in here with all the controls to delete and move every image.
Plus! You get to post lots of spammy posts just to annoy me and the other invisible readers.
If you REALLY want to ruin someone's day you can even DELETE the blog.
But that is if you REALLY are FUNNY MAN SATAN.
Well listen to this stand up act ive got planned.

"So i was walking down the street and suddenly i saw a drum kit, and it was raining. What are the chances of that? Drum kit, AND raining in the SAME street!
So anyway the cars are driving past, wind their windows down and saying, 'A'Right mate?'.
AHAHA would you believe that? 'A'Right mate?'
ahaha! 'A'Right mate?'
So there i was, street, drum kit, raining and these bloke saying 'A'Right mate?'"

That is an extract. Hope you enjoyed it.
If i did not explain earlier (Which i did not) i am looking for another writer due to fact that i AM moving into the stand up comedy buisness myself. Soon i will be up there with the greats, Lee Evans, Peter Kay and Tony Blair.
So look out for my on the television!

- The Daily Crumb

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  1. Would be great to be a crumb writer but Blob Corp. is a 24 hour job! :D