Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dance to the spacesuit blues!

Today in the news 'Vote James' because he is ginger. So the Daily Crumb went to ask him why.
"Hi James, just a quick question. Why are you ginger?"
"I'm not sure. I think ive been ginger since i was born."
"Ah, so what do you think about the four legged duck experiment?"
"Well, if i wil college captain of all great and small i will encourage more experimenting with animals. For example, a horse/shoe. That's gunna be a good'n."
"Thankyou rotting teeth"
Also in the news Laura Williams, deviantart page:
Released her final painting of The Doctor in his space suit helmet from the new tenth doctor series. The reference was from the episodes Impossible Planet/Satan Pit.
Its an amazing piece of work check it out below

Again, a FANTASTIC piece of work. All the detail put into that makes your mind implode. As has been saying through crits its not totally accurate as the original image but i dont think thats an issue looking at the final product.
Here is the steps she took her way to finishing this product

(Click on them for larger images)
Thanks Pillow
Also in the news

Tony Blair and Gordan Brown had to join hands and work together in a talk show.

*cough* George Bush.
Gordan: "Blair! George Bush is NOT the president of the USA!"

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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