Saturday, April 07, 2007

The official Mr. P

Today in the news electricity went out in a small town called, Baggy trousers and a hat with corks on it to keep away the flys.
The town also had a bomb scare, because of all the bad luck they have been having they have cancelled Easter.
They burnt a giant Easter egg in the centre of the town, it melted. And flooded the town.
80 people dead, 300 people missing.
None of the people from the town above had a say in the article below
ADAM PHILLIPS, God, of all that is in dept.
ADAM PHILLIPS, leader, of a t-shirt
and Adam Phillips, the British child psychotherapist and essayist.
Born in the old times, many years ago.
Born January 1971, was raised by giant pieces of papers with scary drawings of spiders on them. Throughout his childhood he shreiked at the site of any sort of paper related object because he still had the scars... of his parents paper cuts.
Soon Adam found a thing called a graphics tablet, since then 80 paper cuts a year had gone down to 3 post it note cuts a year.
All was good.
Untill that fateful day, he won the lottery.

Here are what some people have said about the issue:
"Might take a while to get used to"
"He can do what he wants"
"The black guy?"
"Why would i care?"
"I laughed, though i thought he was going to be a woman."
"I dont believe it."
"how can he get a new face?"
"i didnt want adam to have plastic surgery"
"He's cool how he used to be, he shouldent be messing with his body like that"
"he did it!!??"
and what about barry?
"wha ? Barry? whos barry!?"
the little head popping up there
"Now you're just confusing me man"
"um who is barry"
"tony blair, barry white?"
sure. what do you think of barry white popping up in places surprisingly?
"munch... im so confused"
What would you say to him if he could still hear?
"well, it depends how much he change. i mean i seen him before an a old photo and he was ok. I like him for that, he had his cool messy hair and a t-shirt that was a bit messy and the sleepy eyes"
"I mean the man is married what on earth would he have to strive for surgery at this point in his life?"
noot anymore
"How do you feel?"
"plus how could he afford it?"
he won the lottery, havent you been reading up?
"well which news? The Daily crumb perhaps?"
Yes, great read that one!
Would you growl at him and say things like, ROSY CHEEKS, ROSY CHEEKS?
"heh, maybe"
thanks for your survey time everyone
The Daily Crumb went for an interview with the man himself.

He wasnt avaliable.......

"Sweet Child 'O mine"
Daniel (Vector) Kerr, the smartest man in the world entered Brackenwood Idol.
and check out Comlock attempting to release some exhaust.

No, Adam didnt present it.
Yex, coming in closely first with her interpretation of the song, "Sweet Child 'O mine"
Too bad, it all ended in tears

Dan was on his geetar, Comlock, obviously on his BANJO.
You can find her great singing here!
Crumb: "So, Daniel, can i have your autograph?"
Daniel: "Brain, speck of salt. All yours!"
Crumb: "No.. *whisper* Dan, i REALLY do want your autograph this time"
Daniel: "Just a sec, scalple."
Crumb: "And, now live to the wool of a sheep eating horse!"
So, who deserves the crown after all of this hard work?

(I think you know who i mean)

- The Crumb reporting
- Nathan (munch) Viney


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