Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Anger Against Crumb

Today in the news earphones are being used by scientists to create ear-wax sausages. More on that later.
Welcome too!

The Crumb have been looking into old files and have been trying to find times when the Daily Crumb has ACTUALLY angered people.
It seems, it has been EXTREMELY rare. We've got no complaints, probably because no one ever reads it and no negative views at all.
Records show:
*Random Chat conversations, angered 1 or 2 people, yes.
*Filming of Brackensack, Angered by filming in music shop.
So, what angers people? Lets find out.
- I hate it when the milk carton doesn't open all the way, and you sort of have to cut it to pour the milk out. I get angry when good shows are canceled. And stupid people, like this one girl who didn't know that China was a part of Asia.
- Arrogant, selfish, 'un-smart' people
you mean mentally disabled people?
- no
people with various mental issues?
- no. - Immature people I guess
you mean people with the minds of children?
- No, people with mental disabilities don't anger me.
but people who act childish? does that infact include children themselves? you get annoyed by young children acting immature?
- No not children themselves
are you scared of children?
- No
so, what exactly are you saying angers you then?
- That's a long list.
what really angers you?
- Nothing really.
nothing at all? What if i was to continually nudge you on msn?
- not to be able to do something
- frustration
like, cliff hangers?
- What? .. erm
- no..
- Hello?
- Helloooo?
- helloooo!!1!!
- what angers me is dishonesty, and people mistreating other people and animals.
So, you are in love with animals?
- no. i like animals
What kind of animals?
- doggies and wild animals
Do you own a dog?
- I do
Is your dog a wild animal?
- .. no. - Whats with the questions?
Its a contest too get the word 'coffee' into a conversation.
- Oh, keep going.
Does your dog drink coffee?
I'm not sure whether we angered ANYONE THERE! I think we're too nice.
well, its worth one more shot.
i hate you, do you hate me?
- yes

--We love you Daily Crumb!
--The DAILY CRUMB IS NUMBER ONE #1. I cant stop readng it, its so amazing!
Lets get back into the news now:
This man is doing a new backstroke, OVER the water

"Hey do you have the fairies?"
"Yeh, they are in this jar."
"Whoa! I dont believe it!"
"They're dead...."

WITH A WONDERFUL PHOTO FROM GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE EVERYONE! Check out their website here www.google.com

It's amazing how many images i dont credit. Maybe i should do it more often.

Image of the day:
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- Nathan (munch) Viney

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