Sunday, March 18, 2007

Checkers, the stall is eaten

By the way, in the news today
Listening to: The Stone Roses, I wanna be Adored
Mood: Chinese
Reading: What i type
"Hey John, can you hear that sound?"
"Yeh, it's almost.. like..."
"Hahaha.. ahha ... hoo hoo"
"I'm dieing!"
"Maybe because a train just crushed you, and .. you're in pieces along the walls."
"Tell my pie shop i love it!"
"I will, now go ahead and die peacefully."
"Joy, drum beat, spain, glitter, bright lights, america, sting, police, music, drugs, addictive, pie!"
"Ok.. you can pass on now."
"No chance! I'm gunna skit and flip till the sun burns my flesh and i turn into an orange grape!"
"Did any mail come for me?"
"No bill."
TODAY IN THE NEWS, Basil Brush showed a short appearance in this years Comic Relief by turning up for Peter Kay and Matt Luca's sing song.
Which you can find here,

Also i recognised many other actors there.
I added this to my BASIL BRUSH FACTOR, which you can see here
I just love these ads :P

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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