Friday, March 02, 2007

on its way to heaven it got hit by a moving ident

Today in the news a spy was shot after playing a trumpet in a situation where one sound would get him killed.

Also in the news Could not connect to Saving and publishing may fail.
ok, i hope you all enjoyed "The Mobile Effect" i rather enjoyed it as well :) i know what your thinking, "Why isnt it on the main site yet Nathan?" or... maybe you were not.. but whatever.
ok, so, reason it aint is because the computer i use to upload the folders isnt connecting to the internet. MIGHTY BUMMER!

The Mobile Effect was not an RMN production, just in association with. It was a pure blood 100% Daily Crumb film.

This weekend i finally started work on the Munchs war intro, and finished it. All it needs now is some music. Which i will try and get in the next few weeks.
Munchs war completion list:
Intro: Finished, needs music.
Main sluuuthe?: Set designed, animating and voice recording will commence soon.
sketch 1: Set designed and may be changed... no further info on that (Character design done)
sketch 2:set designed, voices recorded, begun animating. (Character design done)
performance: set half complete. (Character designs done)
*checks script again*
I have a looong way to go :P

Heres a really terrible and snappy picture i ... put together?
listen up! there is in no way any.. way that the film will be out.. soon so.. dont get .. happy.. like a hippy.

(image: Sorry for the quality) It was taken as a screenshot) (That's how cheap i am :P)
THE BIG ISSUE RMN production documentary is scripted, storyboarded and filming should begin next week.

the wait.. :D
This will be one of the last "interaction with people" film for a while. Sorry folks, i know you all enjoy them. (Brackensack, The Mobile Effect...)

MATT MENHENICK earlier this week RELEASED a .. disturbing video, of gore, blood and runny nosed tissue paper.
check it out

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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