Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Actually possible and Possibly maybe

Actually possible and Possibly maybe
two great names for babies.
Also in the news, im sure you've all heard. It's the biggest news around, the tallest man on earth has gotten married.

(Image caption: The photo above was taken sideways.)
Everyone reads Yahoo UK news these days
"The world's tallest man, whose search for a bride covered the world,"
Im sorry? This MUST have been a Chinese reality TV show, surely one of the more boring ones though.
Everyone loves a good Chinese reality TV show.

(Image caption: CRAWWWLL!)
Quote:"After sending out marriage advertisements across the world and going through a long selection process, the efforts have finally paid off"

Tony Blair commented on his comedy performance today:
"It went on for a bit, and in the end i ended up in London so it was all worth while."
"Why did you choose to come back to 10 downing street so fast?"
"Well, im gunna be out of here in a minute when Green pops in so i might as well use it as much as possible. Well im kicked from PM position im gunna be staying at my mums till i can get a job at the golden arches and pay for my own flat."
"Thankyou, Tony Blair."
"I will, though do webcast comedy, you can find it on the tour website."
All that and much much more!
Animation news:
I do very mucch recommend this blog for every bit of PIXAR news you can want
and also check out Adam Phillips' blog, its getting a hellova lotof posts ;)

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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