Monday, March 05, 2007

The alien wants to spend a penny

Today in the news people are referring to tree's as 'Hongopotomouse.' George Hartmen of the social dilema society spoke freely to the crumb, "We will not let this result in murder!"
Also in the news a group of Tree loving hippys have painted a giant flower in the shape of a giant flower, they've called it Tony and are planning to draw the design onto a saw and chop people in half. Bloodshed, party time.
Munchs War:
What? oh, that! yes, of course. I animated all weekend and plan to continue this. A bit of lip sinc to do this week and then its off to the continue the first sketch, once that is finished i move into more brain numbing sauce, followed by just.. LOTS MORE.
Pillow&Munch collaboration comic:
To start in a few weeks due to educational beliefs.
RMN productions:
The BIG ISSUE possibly starts filming tommorow, if not it'll be another day. We also plan to make a TITLE SEQUENCE in the coming weeks for another assignment.
Other than that, nothing
Quoteing Matt Menhenick: "Which is quite worrying."

Talking of Matt Menhenick, taken over the regular update position has uploaded 3 new plasticine figures and FIVE youtube films.
In the plasticine characters MATT made a little tribute to "The little squishy thing" from Stargazed along with some other alien characters.

(Info: Top left, Matt's main characters. Blobs, this shows a blob with his floating friend, a piece of glass. Left centre, The Squishy family!! Top right: Odd alien!!!! oooo Bottom right: Another odd alien, UNDER A STONE! OOOO!)
And that was the info on that image. Thankyou Matt. You can find Matt's deviant art here.

Also in the MATT WORLD.
Matt, as i said released a few new films on Youtube, i showed off 'The Hobby' earlier in ... the earlier crumb.. days, back then well now there is a HOBBY TWO along with MANY other films (5)
Find his page here.
The Hobby 2:

The Matt show (Interview with The Hobby)

Thankyou matt for filling up my blog for today.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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