Monday, October 30, 2006

Clockwork Oafs

On my way home from college today i spotted some glowing red and green lights, i thought to myself. Gosh, is it really that close to Christmas? I soon after realised they were traffic lights.

And today in the news someone was found with a packet of chewing gum.

Today or possibly yesterday, i lose interest. I posted some terrible photography from yours truely. I call it "The House of Chimes." I am considering taking some more of these but i wouldn't count on it. You can find these here
I favour the outside shots, the long walls and the foggy car lights. These four were the best of a selection and your thinking, "Wow, they must have been REALLY bad."

Munch's War is still in idea stages so thats.. pie. But most of it is planned, so... i guess the planning stages are finished. yay! Now down to designing, after that i'll worry about recordings, and then start animating. Then it'll be well underway.

Now i was told by a very wise oaf recently named "User posted image." The user posted the image and now it isnt working because hell has finally frozen over. I heard a while ago by another oaf that a part of it had already frozen. They'll have to start concidering heating. But back to the very wise oaf that can't be identified. He told me this blog needs to be more informative, help people... leeaaarrn. So today i bought a book on the ancient history of BLOGS.
Would you believe it?
(The guy was named Mr. P)
Chapter 1:
Doctor Charles Corn was born in 1873. Who? Who you ask? Corn? Yellow, juicy corn? The Doctor couldnt help squirt it all over someones diary. The person whos diary it might have been spat out the word BLOG! in an attempt to say the word "GIT!" but he had a terrible terrible lisp.

Chapter 2:
Pages lost to sandy winds and restless slaves trying to find food, finding the pages, and eating them.

The end.

- Nathan (munch) Viney