Friday, October 27, 2006

Mic & Munch's War

Yes, i've decided to join the amazing crowd of Blog Spotters.
On the venue today

Ok, i think i'll let loose on my ideas for my next animation...


Anyway, as halloween comes, i'm not sure exactly how long really i've made a vampire comic.
I did make one last year, so i guess it may become a halloween tradition.
Ok, and you may have seen the new website design preview, this will be out in november 2006 hopefully. Due to internet connections and hosting. There's lots of different worries really with that but i wont go into it, im proud of the design and that's fine.
So in these weeks i really have been POPPING them out.
We've had a short flash with really bad sound and 3 comedy scripts along with some other pictures (Including a flash picture of the Perth band The Bullet Holes.)
I drew this picture FOR Munch's WAR. Which, i will now give a little info on.
It'll be a live flash sh... "Well it was live when it was filmed."
With 3 guest stars. That is all, 2 scripts will be used from Celebs in my Studio.

Microphone: Yes, i need a new microphone, i am lucky enough to have a great resource thingy at the college i go to. Which is... great. As soon as i get back from my weeks holiday i will try and borrow one.
Today an Animation/Film/Photography came out. This was... nun other than something that someone or some people made... at college.
Find it here.

This gives me the chance to make a VIDEO section on the new website. So enjoy and forbid!

Darn i sure write alot.
Enough chit chat from me.
Go to to check out Adam Phillip's daily flash animations and blog.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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