Sunday, October 29, 2006

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I think you'll be startled to find out today is the apocalypse.
You can't escape it, it wont be falling firey rocks or acid rain, no, this apocalypse comes as an evil red gas.
Luckily before it happens i found out about Damon Albarns great new band, "The Good, the Bad and the Queen. "
Damon Albarn, the singer and songwriter of the UK pop band Blur who were the best thing to hit the music industry. Bands trying to hold on, fall by them, soaring past the others and disapearing into a pit of black nothingness.
Yesterday, or possibly the day before, the band played an amazing gig live at the UK's first Electric Proms.
According to them this is just a side project, a project, on the side. Not a band as such, but a collaboration group. Their new album comes out in the first month of 2007.
This is the track list
1. History Song
2. '80s Life
3. Northern Whale
4. Kingdom Of Doom
5. Herculean
6. Behind The Sun
7. The Bunting Song
8. Nature Springs
9. A Soldier's Tale
10. Three Changes
11. Green Fields
12. The Good, The Bad & The Queen

You can currently watch them playing all of these songs live, i havent listened to all of them but the ones ive listened to, i love.
You can find them live here
The band members are
Damon Albarn (Blur, Man behind Gorillaz)
Tony Allen (Indian that thought Damon was from Oasis)
Paul Simonon (Bassist of the Clash)
Simon Tong (Guitar in The Verve)

IN other news, check out Adam Phillips daily movie :O here (you must have flash player 8)

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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