Friday, October 27, 2006

The Blog Awards 2006

After joining the amazing adventures of Blog Spotters i have been invited to many of celebrations including thousands of thrilled blog holders.
I was sitting there with my fellow Blogs as the amazing Award ceremony begun. The Blog Awards 2006. They were going to make it 2007 but then they realised it wasen't actually 2007 yet. Genius.

I was sitting with Adam Phillips and Dave Phillips, we had front row seats. The amazing blog holders of the night. I didn't win anything but Adam couldn't help wet himself when Dave let a fish finger fall out of his mouth whilst eating dinner.

All in all it was a fun night.

As Adam is a bloggy newbie he was kicked out for making a fake ID. He also tried to sneak his friend Berny in the side gate but was beaten up by two midget bouncers.

But enough nonsence, i must tell the truth now. (This is a fictional story.)
That is all.
And now, for something completely cropey
Cropey = Not a word.

I recently found out that the writer of Alice and Wonderland (Unknown identity) was actually the inventor of the common used word now as "chortled."
You can find more information on this interesting amazingness on wikipedia, but untill then here are some words i've made up.

Bodgesack (Sack of Bodge)

Blabbytoaster (A toaster that cooks Blabby.)

Flatjack (A man named jack cooking a pizza inside a block of government flats.)

Gorp (Explains itself)

Yesterday i made a picture of a myspace band i met... twice?
The Bullet Holes

- Nathan (munch) Viney
and goodnight

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