Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Daily Crumb's in jail

So if you did not catch the news yesterday here is a summary read by the rapper, Turtle Ex.
Bird stole desk, then black bird confessed. Daddy dont like me, Hit crumb expiry. Monkeys did fail, Boss end up in jail. Dig it?
If you did not get that completely. Basically 'The Daily Crumb Offices' has been sold to Figg Lomero, a sneaky bird with a lot of cash.
Enough cash apparently to take the Crumb away from me and my own father, Lord Elk of the South Maze Falorium. Figg used his power of word to get me arrested.
I drew a sketch of my surroundings above. Yes the bucket on the right is where i go to the toilet.

I do suspect foul play of course. The bird said something that has been ringing in my mind. "Only Lord Elk holds the brain to withstand such spoken words"
What if Figg Lomero's words are so powerful they can easily change a persons mind? Is it THAT wise? Is it possible to be that wise?
I asked the only wise person i knew.
Marshall Hens.

Email Extract:
"Well of course it is possible. People manipulate the mind all the time. Look at Archie Mitchell on Eastenders. Have a look at my book, "Speaking the words of the mind's social stagery." There is a chapter in there about birdies and their mind games. I have not had experience personally but i do know birds like Figg are well educated and well spoken masterminds. So watch yourself, you do not want to get involved with characters like that. Words of Wisdom by Marshall Hens book release Feb. - Your bud Marshall"

Will anyone bail me out? Leave a message or send me an email as soon as possible saying you'll bail me out. I need to get out of this stupid cell and save The Daily Crumb from extinction.


  1. I could bail you out. But I dunno, I do have better things to do. Better things I can spend my money on. How many penny sweets do you think I can buy with the bail money?

  2. I'd bail you out but sorry I can't. I am currently sailing in a boat with a pirate and my cat. =P