Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daily Crumb Books and Marshall Hens Wisdom part 2

Today in the news toilet no access


Just so everyone is aware. Our new book is now in your local bookshop.

Though do not forget to grab this book released late last year on your way out.

On the subject of Marshall Hens we could not let this week go without bringing him back for a session.

The Marshall Hens Words of Wisdom part 2: Advice
No i was not honoured when The Daily Crumb wanted to use my stories in their little book. It was extra money so i took it.
So Nathan and the monkeys asked me to come back and give them some more of my wise words. What the hell ay? It gave them some thirty million views before, it is not like i'm busy writing a book on Sokology (the japanese art of squeezing wet socks until they are pretty much dry) or anything.
So lets start with a metaphor. My agent says i am well known for them, bringing thought and meaning to those poor children out there.
Lets say this, if you've got the gun, start them running. If you have not got the gun, do not try and shoot anyone because you will look silly.
I do not need experience to know that i am Marshall Hens. Either do you. You know who you are! Why pretend to be anyone else?
Because acting is fun. And the animals need your help. So ACT now and save one life.

- The Marshall Hens

Soon to be knighted, Marshall Hens there. Book still out, Sokology III and Marshall's Wisdom Balloon' coming out in Feb only in France and the lost moon of Poosh.

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