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Kenu and The Lady with the green hat

Todays issue is quite a long story. It began as just a short thing like that fish with canes thing in the last article but ended up as a full story.
It is a fantasy tale and i hope you will find the time to read and possibly enjoy.

Kenu and The Lady with the green hat

A lady with a green hat and golden ribbon stood in the snow. Her long hair waved as the trees did and she watched. As she lifted her hand the storm got louder and the wind more powerful. It was no longer just snow zig-zagging at eye level. It was sticks, sand, leaves, rocks and dirt.
She glowed with green light, a field of energy. No one could touch her, or even step close. Though she was identified as the source and creator of the blizzard all that came near were blown away. Suffocating under the snow. Vehicles would slide to the side as the wind struck, then shoot into the sky rotating until lost in the forceful mist. The glass of their windows shattering into the snow and crashing of oncoming rock and ice.
The lady with the green hat and golden ribbon closed her eyes in concentration.


"She is not doing this out of hatred or revenge." Kenu Graves explained to the soliders in panic. "I know her. You've seen it. Everyone has been evacuated from her location. She cannot kill anyone else. She is a spirit of nature. She is cleaning the world in snow."
The Sergeant was red with anger, "She is KILLING nature!"
Kenu walked over to a tall vending machine in the office. Outside, snow was waving in the air, solid ice cracking the office window glass. "I'm surprised no one is having a nice hot chocolate," Said Kenu as steaming liquid chocolate poured into his plastic cup. "It is freezing."
The Sergeant scratched his beard and walked over to the window. One of his men tried to pull him back but he ignored. The Sergeant placed his nose against the frost cold glass. "This is the end of the world."
".. as we know it." Kenu butted in sipping his warm drink.
"Kenu! Grow up and tell me all you can, how can we destroy her?" The Sergeant stands away from the glass turning to his soldiers and Kenu.
Kenu placed the plastic cup on one of the desks. "Why would you want to destroy her? She is beautiful. She is nature and she is cleaning our earth so that it may restart. All we can do is protect our children so that they can live in the new world."
"That is nonsense! We have firearms." The Sergeant shook his fist.
"Any bullet will blow back. Her magic is too powerful."
"Magic. Utter nonsense Kenu!" The Sergeant grabbed his walky talky, a screech of white noise and then, "Fire at will."


Kenu casually leapt over the sofa and landed on the soft surface. The television in front of him was cracking up with reception but the voice still clear.
"Earlier today jets were sent in to shoot down the cause of the horrific weather. The worst weather we've had in history. Unfortunately all missiles blew away from the green spark of the creator and shot back into the sky rotating out of control. Two landed on empty streets in the south territories and one destroyed the Longcross bridge.
Call these numbers if you are worried about your homes or would like to contact someone in the area."
The Sergeant switched off the television suddenly. "Okay.. we save those who are still alive."
As he said this his ears twitched at the sound of a crack. A shrieking line drew up one of the walls and through the ceiling.
"THE STAIRS! NOW!" Kenu screamed throwing his drink at the wall and running for the heavy doors.
Suddenly two parts of the wall separated and bricks began to fall.
The powerful wind burst through and half of the room disappeared into the cold air of flying rubble and snow.
Two soldiers flew backwards out into the wind, shooting off into different directions. A third grabbed onto a desk, his legs dangling towards the sucking of the outside. As the storm pulled him outwards the desk skid across the tiled floor and dropped out of the building, taking the solider with it.
Kenu pulled the Sergeant into the stairway hall. One other soldier made it in, Jamie. Kenu closed the door behind him and they carefully made their way down the cold stairs making sure they did not slip.
"What do we do?" Jamie asked, keeping a confident stare.
"There is a four wheel drive at the bottom. If we get in fast we could drive with the wind." The Sergeant suggested.
"No that will have blown away already, i have a better idea." Kenu said reaching the bottom door of the building. "We fly."
"I'm sorry?" Jamie squeaked.
"Nonsense. We have no plane and the helicopters have frozen!" The Sergeant shouted.
"When people blow away in the wind all they think about are these two things, 'gotta grab onto something.' and 'i'm gunna die!'. Well forget all of that and enjoy the ride. We can direct our flight with our arms and how we turn in the wind." Kenu stared through the circular window in the door in front of him.
"You are insane boy. I will not risk mine, my soldiers or even your life doing that." The Sergeant was fuming, but at the same time, acting as a leader in the terrible conditions.
"Suit yourself." Kenu smirked, opened the door and leapt out.
The Sergeant and Jamie stood in shook, they both stared into the little window and watched Kenu leap into the air. His body was then shot off into the white and out of view.
"Blimey Sir." Jamie said. "Do you think he is dead?"
"No, he IS dead." The Sergeant walked away from the solider and sat down on a cold step. He held up the walky talky, "I'm stranded. I want you to save everyone left alive, especially the children. It is the end of the world as we know it. Shelter them underground in the warm with plenty of food. Over and out." *Screech*
"What now sir?" Jamie whimpered.
"Do what you like boy, i'm freezing," the Sergeant replied.
"I'll look after you sarge." Jamie said smiling.


"Hello my dear." Kenu landed on the outskirts of the green orb of energy that surrounded the lady with the green hat.
"I know you can hear me. Through all the noise of the wind. I've known you long enough to know that. I also know that this is something you would not do without instruction.
You've been asked by a corrupt god to clean the world of humans and their man-made things, their tall buildings, cars and pollution."
"They...........are..........not..........corrupt." The lady with the green hat and golden ribbon, with waving white hair and green dress spoke.
"The gods of Hunen are the ones that are angry. Not you. Do not do their dirty work."
"I hate this world as much as the gods of Hunen do." The lady replied in the gushing winds, icey energy storming from her hands. Kenu slid backwards.
"You don't! You hate parts of it. But i've seen you enjoy the beauty as well. The countryside, the icecream, the italian food. The farming and music of the world. You're getting rid of all of that."
The Lady stood silent, the storm still pelting from her glowing hands.
"Yes it is me Lady Arring"
"This is nothing to do with you. You can leave, as the sky spirit you are. The earth below is nothing to do with you. None of your bother, none of your CARES."
"But i do care Lady Arring. Because as spirits of earth we all have to work together. I have the same powers as you. Do you not see? Hunen has gone behind everyones back and asked you to do their dirty work. They are closed minded ruthless fools."
"LEAVE! BACK TO THE SKY!" The Lady Arring shouted, her eyes red with rage.
"I can't Lady Arring. Because i do not want to see earths people die."
"But.. the grass, trees.. and animals. The humans... they are killing them, day after day another is gone. That is the real beauty of Earth, and look what is happening to it."
"We have just got to try and keep them living in harmony."
"It's hard work.. but it is our work."
"The rage of the gods, sat around the table of Hunen runs through me. You have the power to stop me, kill me, why don't you?"
"Because i love you."
"If i stop... the gods of Hunen will kill both of us."
"You know we can change that."
"I know... but all this power."
"You will miss it yes. But think of the joys of human life, what you miss. I promise you, we can bring harmony again. Just stop this... remember the nice humans. Don't you remember?"
"My mind is clouded by their rage, I can hardly see my own thoughts... but... I see..."
"Humans... the peaceful ones. I see them..."
"YES! We both know some, look into me, see the friends I have made. The humans I've known. There are good people."
"I know.."


"I have to do something." Jamie remarked pacing the hall of the broken building.
"W-w-hy a-a-are-e... y-y-yoou.... not....... c-c-c-old? The Sergeant asked shivering on the stairs. His skin turning red in the cold. Pain running through his body.
"Um.. Sergeant. Do you want to be warm?" Jamie had worry in his expression.
"G-g-god y-y-yes." The Sergeant shrieked in pain.
"Before i do i must tell you this. This is much bigger than your little army." Jamie spoke. The Sergeant was too cold to speak, though he did look madly confused.
"This is a war between the spirits and the gods. Me, being a spirit... like Kenu, a friend of the humans. The gods have turned against us and have sent one of their most magical spirits to destroy and clean out the earth. We're not fighting the girl, she is innocent in all of this. We're fighting the gods."
The Sergeant sat shocked, "U-u-u-u-u-u-u-t-tter ..."
Jamie interrupted, "Nonsense, i know. Now i said i'd keep you warm, so here goes."
Jamie erupted into surging flames. A glowing firebody in a frosty hallway, now melting away. Heat flowed into the Sergeants direction and he was slowly warmed.
"W-why the heck didn't you d-do that SOONER?"


*screech* "The blizzard has stopped Sergeant! We're.. we're saved.. it has stopped! *screech*
The Sergeant's walky talky called out to him as he stretched his arms. "That is brilliant news. Here that you nut case?"
Jamie frowned, "It is not over yet. You protect your people. There is going to be fire on earth."
The Sergeant paused for a moment, it was so hard to believe earlier. The fact the squads had brought in this mysterious man with all the information. That man, Kenu, who knew who the lady with the green hat was. She was his wife.
And now a man burst into flame to warm him and cooled down again. This could only be explained as magic. "I'll do as you ask Jamie, and tell Kenu the same. Your world is bigger than ours."
"Good boy.. i mean... sir!" Jamie smiled and shot through the front door into the dying cold. The wind was almost non existent now.
His body heat burnt the snow below him and around. Everywhere he stepped he created a clear watery surface. The world was an outrage, cars were flipped and buildings were in pieces. But it was about to get worse.
Lightning struck above, a light flicker in the clouds and then the thunder. "Hunen are angry."
"What? the Sergeant said staggering out of the building door.
Jamie spoke, his breaths a cloud in the cold "They've noticed that Lady Arring has stopped wiping the earth. They are angry at her."
"Jamie, Jamie..if these Hunen guys are so mighty and leaderworthy then why didn't they just do it themselves?"
"They have their own leader, and if that leader had known what they were up to he'd rank them down or worse, destroy them. So they got someone else to do it, someone else to get the blame." Jamie replied staring along into the distance.
"Aint that typical eh?" The Sergeant said still working out how to walk again. He held up his walky talky, "Keep the people hidden... you know, for safety. We cannot be sure that this is over."


"Thank you for stopping." Kenu walked closer to Lady Arring, stomping through the snow. He jumped forward and gave her a hug.
"What do we do?" Lady Arring cried into Kenu's shoulder. "They are going to come and get me."
"You know what to do." Kenu said, looking deep into her eyes.
"But i don't want to!"
"This is your life! Don't let them take it from you." Kenu spoke with wise words and a cautious eye on the sky.
He held her face up, she looked at him. "I'll meet you again some day ok?"
"Promise?" She spoke.
"Our memories will come back to us at the age of 18. Then we will be able to meet again, use our powers again." Kenu held her tight.
A tear dropped from Lady Arrings eye.
Suddenly a blade of lightning struck the snow in front of them. With a flash of blinding light a man with a beard and pointed hat appeared. He walked closer to them, his long cape waving in the dying wind.
"Lady Arring! Why did you stop?"
The lady with a green hat and golden ribbon shouted in the wind, "What you're doing is wrong! Sure these people have caused devastation to wildlife and sky. But that is no reason to kill them all, what happened to reasoning?"
The bearded man giggled, "You're not one to argue my dear. You've already murdered plenty on this day."
Sadness struck the ladies body, "I know." She said looking down.
"We foresaw Kenu stopping you Lady Arring," The bearded man roared, electric sparking from his arms and legs. Even a blue light from under his eyes and through his own mouth. "So it is time to kill you."
The bearded man pulled a shiny sword from his side and held it out to her. "You'll die at the hands of lightning."
The end of the blade began to glow.
Kenu whispered into Lady Arring's ear, "Now."

With her eyes closed Lady Arring spoke, "Ereh De Alun puta Eken Su ma. Salen day."
The spell was performed and Lady Arring disappeared through a cloud of magic dust.
"Where did she go?" The bearded Hunen god screamed in rage.
"She used the spell. The forbidden spell. She has now been reborn as a human child... somewhere in the shelters of earth a human woman is now a mother to a spirit of the clouds." Kenu said. He felt miserable at the thought of not seeing his beloved again.
The god laughed, "HA! More reason to wipe out the human race then!"

"Not if we have anything to say about it."
Jamie stood, torched in fire from head to toe staring at the caped god in front of them. Behind Jamie stood thousands of spirits, armored with swords and capes. Some firing electricity from their hands, some shooting fire or snow, some shooting powerful winds. They all aimed their magical palms at the sky, where the gods of Hunen sit around a long table. Deciding the fate of everyone around them.

"Hey brother." Kenu pat Jamie on the back. "Thanks for looking after the Sergeant."
Jamie smiled, wiping some snow from his hair. "I told him to fire at the sky."
"Good." Kenu replied glaring at the god in front of him who now seemed quite frightened.
The bearded god's eye twitched. Before a second thought he held his sword up and pulled himself back into the sky with a shock of lightning.

"There are still spirits on Hunen's side Jamie. Both Hunen and their followers will shoot down at us." Kenu watched the sky above. It was quiet, most likely preparing something bigger.
"I know. But we'll shoot them down. We've more warriors, spirit and human alike... uh, wheres Lady Arring?" Jamie asked concerned.
Kenu was silent.
"The spell?"
Kenu nodded.
"Then you should go Kenu. You do not want your age lines to collapse. You've both got to grow up as humans to meet again."
"I know but what about the battle?"
"We'll win, trust me. You and Lady Arring will be protected by the Sergeant and the rest of the humans through the war time. Now go."

After a moments thought Kenu hugged his brother Jamie. Tears fell from Kenu's eyes, "I'll see you again my brother."
"Yeah when i'm all wrinkly and you are a teenager." They both laughed. Jamie continued, "You and Lady Arring have got a safe, long, new life ahead of you. Take it."
"Yeah... thanks Jamie. It's the end of the world as I know it anyway... heh... bye."

Kenu walked off by himself, standing knee deep in the snow he spoke the magic spell that would turn him into a human child. "Ereh De Alun puta..........."
With the spirit life memory locked up in his mind until the human age of 18.
A human mother gave birth to Kenu.


The gods shot down energy at the spirits from the sky. The spirits used their powers to shoot up above, at the table of Hunen. After times passing they got closer together. Fighting in the sky, soaring through the air, over the humans that watched the battle behind unbreakable windows.

The Hunen gods were wiped out and the earth was saved.
The spirits settled the earth and cleaned up the natural mess. The humans were safe. The leader of the Hunen Kingdom in the sky made Jamie the new God. To sit at the table and rule the spirit world. The spirits loved him as their ruler. He was friendly and understanding.
Though Jamie will wait until his brother, Kenu and friend Lady Arring, (reborn) remember their past life as a spirit and join them at the table of Hunen as the new gods of earth.

Or will they decide to stay as humans, with their now human mothers and human friends?


Eight years on eight year old Kenu watches television in his new country house with his wonderful new family.
"Welcome to the evening news. We've got an interview today with Ernest Wilcombe, the past Sergeant of the Southern Jest Army. Ernest was full controller of evacuation throughout the worst blizzard in history 8 years ago.
He is here today to tell us why he resigned."
"Well I did my job then, but for the 8 years after no one has believed me. They all think it is utter nonsense, gods and spirits. It is not you know! A man burst into flame in front of me and then went back to normal.. oh oh and someone else jumped into the wind and flew it like he was a bird. Spectacular. No one knew why we were shooting at the sky. I did know, i saw those bad guys falling into specks of dust above. I hope i did a good job.
We're not alone folks, we're protected! And we need to take better care of this world, because it is the only one we've got."

"Thankyou Mr. Wilcombe, so when was it that you were placed into the mental asylum? 3 years ago?"
"Oh.. yes yes, 3 years ago now."

The End

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