Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Figg Lomero Prison

You may have heard that i was arrested a few posts ago and have been in a cell for the last day.
Figg Lomero, a powerful bird bought The Daily Crumb Studios from us and sent me here.
Though this is no ordinary jail.

Today i was given a lunch break, i was able to go to the feeding area and of course get some fresh air. I also got to use a real toilet instead of a bucket.
But it seems i was mistaken, police did not take me, blind folded to a typical prison. This is Figg Lomero's Prison.
A bird mastermind and billionaire in this world. A bird that has recently made my old offices his new nest.

So here i got to see what a strange place this was, i got my own block cell. I only saw two other prisoners on my adventure out of the cell. I also thought it odd i was allowed to bring this laptop into my cell but not use a toilet.
As well as birds guarding every door and wall around the prison.
This is a sketch i did. If you know where i am.. please help me.

I realised that the reason no one could bail me out was because no one knows where i am. I tried to google earth it. It just came up as a blur, a completely hidden Prison. But the name directed me to the south of UK somewhere.

I guess it is up to me..

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