Saturday, October 10, 2009

Toy Story 3 HQ trailer.

So on Friday the 9th the UK were given the gift of UP.

It is only fare to show recent findings of next nears PIXAR masterpiece (hopefully)
My 3d/2d animator/artist pal Riannon sent me the link to the higher quality version.
Now i was thinking whilst watching UP, as much as i really enjoyed the film. It might have been a better experience for me if i did not know how the film, began.
As a PIXAR fan i follow up all of the latest news through They are waiting for the HD version of the trailer to be released officially on Monday.

I have a very high quality version right here, right now. I can even see Andy's freckles.
If you do not want to spoil an experience or really dont want to get excited SO early. Don't watch.

If you want to see a dramatic, amazing change and adaption to the original Toy Story look then please do.
Toy Story 3 LOOKS amazing.
They've mixed the skills they've obtained from all of their films since, (Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, Wall-E, UP) and come up with a great new look.
Now, you fans out there will be like
Would you really want to see THIS return in this day and age? With the amazing technology and people as resources?

The humans in this film are i suppose, a mixture of the human designs in Incredibles and Ratatouille.
You can sort of see how the humans have improved throughout the lifespan of PIXAR.

Of course it is not only the humans that have evolved. That is just the most noticeable change in the trailer.
PIXAR have improved in storytelling. They improved in all areas, modelling, animation, lighting. And direction/storyboarding.

Anyway. here it is.
(Video below. Visit the Daily Crumb to view)

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  1. Wow Andy looks awesome! :O Argh i'm watching it!
    Andys.......... going college....... oh dear!
    So much detail in this film! Definitely the best looking work they've done so far =)

    Playschool! Yay! wait.....meh
    They're escaping again! Hehehehe looks like a winner :)