Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mystery Lump?

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It's all about professionalism

A report recently came in that a green lump was trespassing on a couples lawn. They had this to say. "It is not like it is a bother.. i mean, it brings us food and presents. It's lonely, but it's all slimey and discusting. We can't be having children in this environment. I've heard of green lumps getting aggressive when you don't give them what they want."
"She's right. The lump don't speak much either, it just mumbles and dribbles. Our bulldog wet itself."
The RSPCA are questioning whether they are allowed to take a green lump with giant inflated eyes into the shelter.

The couple took this photo.

The creature recently wrote a letter mentioning the loss of a good friend. 'Earth Child'. This loss has obviously changed the poor guy.
Though like everyone else he continues through life.
The letter mentioned that every month he'd meet a whole load of new friends. But they would never stick around. They'd reject him, leave him all alone. He feels emotionally hurt, do they leave him because he's a green lump? Or because of something else?
He did not leave a name.

The RSPCA have let the lump into the wild. As soon as they let him loose he ran off. No one has seen him since.
All he wants is a friend that will stick with him forever.

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Because i am working very slowly on an Animation that will not be released before any future Blob Corp or Adam Phillips productions... i thought it right to release a screenshot.

The film is titled
The End of the Rainbow

It stars two kids, Cliff and Tam and a witch played by Tracy Ann Oberman of Eastenders, Doctor Who and the upcoming online series Girl Number 9.

But who is this?


graviteh eh eh eh eh never let me down

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  1. Hahahaha love blobs smile even though he's meant to be sad and lonely XD
    Rainbow yay! just another 99% to go man! Keep it up!