Saturday, October 10, 2009

No eyed Article. Brackenwood and Youtube

Writing this without eyes is tough enough. Please note any errors are due to this reason.

Brackneoowd Bews
So Adam (Find out who this is on page 12) is at work again, frying the loud lodger for the crispy sugar taste. Sitting down to his favourite tv guide magazine and dancing on beas like they were grapes.
But apart from those important facts Adam B Phillips is also working on a new film... a new short Brackenwood production.
If you've not heard of his grand work you can check it out at

As you can see the production of the un-named short is well underway.

You can continue watching this bar at his blog

I hear word of a screenshot popping out from under his wig ever so soon.


What the hell Youtube?
Nah i'm just kidding with you. But seriously.
Youtube has had a mexican wave of UPDATED channel designs. The channel designs are beyond silly.(And i can't even see¬!) I see no improvement.
Once upon a time your youtube chennel was your home. Now they've gone to the toilet on it.
I dont like the new design. You can't just click on 'view all videos' its all in the same window. A video can still be playing while you're looking around and you don't know where the sounds coming from.
I understand it, but find it pointlessly irritating. And i know some people that will not have the faintest idea how to use it because they are dumb. These dumb people are most of youtubes community.
On the other hand dumb people adore the NEW. So will flock for this new design even if they can't use it.

Well anyway, the flocking has stopped and now the channel has been forced upon us. Bad youtube, bad.

So the system works but what was the point in changing it? Will will never know.
New Youtube
Will's leaving now.
Watched UP yesterday. New film from Disney Pixar.

Fun ride
i suppose
sort of
lots of adventure
and such.
Bit of emotion here and there.
Heart pounding epicness and so on.
Great characters and blah.
Nice look and.. yeah well whatever
it was a good i mean, 'alright' movie.

it was awesome
go and see it 4 times.

you have to.
Some are saying their fave PIXAR yet.


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  1. Can't wait to see Adams screenshot ^_^

    Yeah I wanted my Old Youtube style design T_T Oh well now we're all equal again =)

    Yea! UP was animazing! XD