Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Newest Brackenwood Screenshots

They are here!
Adam Phillips released two new screenshots today from his new Brackenwood short.
"The new Brackenwood movie has hardly any re-use, so almost every scene has a completely new background, not to mention the sheer volume of frame-by-frame animation in each shot."
"Full of characters and creatures, set in many different locations, weather conditions and times of night/day"

Adam is looking to release mid Novemeber though it is easy to fall behind.

The untitled short animation has 3 screenshots released so far.

Something great about this project is not only is the title a secret, but there is also no reveal of storyline. We know nothing about this next film so we are going to enjoy it a lot more. I think it is going to be a another great viewing experience.

I remember when i first watched Waterlollies. All the backgrounds and animation blew me away, i was hyper for weeks. If what the blog says is true this may happen again.

His blog is here
Past animations are here

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  1. OMG! Just look at those screenshots! Amazingly outstanding! Perfect in every way! Can't wait to see it =)
    But looking forward to Rainbow more ;)