Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cliff and the End of the Rainbow Poster

In animation news today

Adam Phillips is moving through his new Brackenwood short film trying to keep to a deadline. Though he has been pulled down by minor distractions, some of which are Eastenders updates.
Screenshots from the film itself may be released in 1 or 2 days time.
You can keep track of all of his wise words and progress reports at his blog http://www.brackenwood.net/blog/

We will of course be showing off the screenshots here as well.
Also in Adam Phillips news it may interest you to know that Mr. P has produced a full game online for EA games. Classed as a EA2D game Adam did artwork and animation.
It is titled Dragon Age Journeys and you can find it here

Some of the artwork in that.. well ALL of it is amazing.


Yep that is right. As you all know or do not know in which case listen Matthew Menhenick is working on a new animation.

you can find a heap of great progress screenshots on his blog http://blobcorp.blogspot.com/

He advertised my film that wont be finished until we graduate so i thought i'd advertise his.

So this is the poster. Looks exciting!

Another great Blob adventure!!!

So just for the fun of it i thought id do a poster (of the movie that won't be finished until we graduate)

yay happy days..

Alright, parties over. Everyone get back in your cars and drive home drunk.

Based on the screenshot below
i am still 1% in.. :D

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  1. Love cliffs hair! Looks like my hunters wooly hat! XD Thanks for advertising my poster! ^_^