Sunday, September 27, 2009

Late Night Crumb

Just going through some papers on my desk. Various news articles from various newspapers. We only have one actual reporter and he's on sick leave. Got the King's Cough.
A very nasty cough that is spreading very fast. All the news is on about the 'Swine Flu', a dangerous illness but curable none the less in most cases. We are forgetting the King's Cough, Germinating from the victorian ages and spreading through breathing. We can easily just breath in this airborn cough. A cough that kills, ongoing coughing. Once a person has no time to breath he can lose his life.
Our reporter monkey Piccles is suffering from the King's cough right now. We are all very worried.

Because we have no first hand news today and no Sammy advice on how to entertain the ages (Because it is so late)
I'll just show you some doodles i've been doing in the dark (When i should be working).

Today was a slow day here at The Daily Crumb MAXTREME. Our location manager Ted Estmen did call up with a great location choice for filming.
I just called up the actor playing Cliff in the next animation, he was not very happy that i was calling so late...

A mouse

A castle (Going to be used in film)

Creepy green man-child

An odd creature

Background (Will not be used in film unless adjusted)

thanks for checking us out


  1. Holy shizzles! :o Love that bkground <3
    That castle feels very ToonBoom to me XD Dunno why though :)
    Great Dennis drawing! ^_^
    Very freaky green man child XD

    Can't wait to see more! :D

  2. My favourites are green man-child and strange creature.