Thursday, September 10, 2009

The End of the Rainbow

Today in the news think of a letter.
make sure it's not p or j
I'm going to guess what it is by the end of this article.

Dusty martians on the stones
all of them
born from bones
Dusty martians on the stones
they lied to us
told to go home
We followed up, the pasta hut
The rain it fell was over
The small guy, the signs were crushed
and the pasta man run over
Pizzas back. Bit of pasta
nothing special, nothing was
salad tray left over

Bus drive past
busy stop
someone pushed the driver
pasta drunk
heavy trunk
bus drove to dover

icecream van
icecream man
kids they squeel
a daily meal
of icecream for their supper

Hotel smells
sun is hot
the dresser is on fire
Royalty parks
horse and cart
We are asked, say "Sire."

Big book
longer than a letter
just rubbish in word
i could write quite better

and the letter was

If not call the helpline.
If you have mental issues concerning the post before please email this address He will tell you Francis and Gertrude are female buddies.

- The Daily Crumb

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