Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hit by Cheese. Crumb Appealing to all ages.

Bit of useless news today. There will no longer be any 'Today in the news' beginnings to articles.
We are now The Daily Crumb TO THE MAX
And when we're TO THE MAX we SCREAM AT YOU.

Basically the monkeys have been studying and they have discovered that the best way to bring in new readers is by adding MAX to the name.
Now in all honesty i think Max Branning is just a false ginger man with a small head. But the teens of today seem to love that sort of thing.

But along with the 11 to 17 year olds that adore Max we are attemping to bring in some of the older folks as well.

Sammy and the crew have discovered that older people have more knowledge than younger people BAM. To the max
(A little add in for our younger readers. It keeps them interested)

So for the older readers like old man Phillips we have a paragraph of interesting reading.

A body was found in Saddletick lane earlier today. The man named George Francis aged 80 has yet to be identified.
We interviewed a curious crowd at the scene.
"I was walking my dog when i heard the scream. The curious thing is today i made it across the bridge."
Many folk said this. The body of the un-named man was found alive and well by the river side.
Police originally thought the murderer was the troll that lived under the bridge.

The man is back with his family completely death-free. The troll has been set free and continues to stop people from crossing the bridge.
The violent magician that has the mental unstable-ness to stab someone several times and then revive them has yet to be found.

and for the kids

Have an awesome time at the party guys!
Make sure you make it a totally drunken experience.
I wonder if you were smart when you walked into your first party.
Look at you now, pathetic.

Concerned parents
please ring


As you can see we're reaching out to all ages here. Hopefully the monkeys will be right this time. Come and check out The Daily Crumb.

Matt Smith did a good job of cleaning those borders off of the wall. The Daily Crumb is so shiny you'll be able to see your dead relatives reflections in it.

Why do they always leave the 'turning the lights off' to me??

actually i know why.. selfish monkeys

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