Friday, September 11, 2009

Billie Piper farts again

Today in the news Awkward Eric.
Fine showers of rain today.
We'll be back after the headlines for today.
We're back and totally wicked. Everything from our hats to our shoes. We match, we catch and throw glass at your faces. Welcome! To today's weather report.
Today in today's weather report tommorow is going to be sunny.
Samson is reading a book over there but don't worry about him because the cameras on ME. Howdy there folks, bit of a crisis today folks. Nah i'm not talking about America being no more. I'm talking about my hair! It has gone!
Today under the wig, shine factor! Oh yeah!
And look AT THIS BELLY! Totally Lassetised. I'm telling you. The wife brought in some flowers today. She poured gravy on them. It was well sour.

Back after this dudes.


Billie Piper farts once again

At this point in the film once again the writers were planning to shock the viewers. Making their own unique story not samey compared to other victorian based films.
They chose to kill off a very important character soon into the film. Billies character is later referred to as
"The Lady of Fumes."
Video below

We're back and totally off the market and onto the spice wheel. I'm cheating on my wife with the co presenter. Co presenter! What's the weather going to be like?
Hey! Don't look at me like that. It's not my fault you didn't tell me your name.

It's not my fault i didn't hear..
listen to your name!
Check out my colourful sleaves! When i spin around they sparkle. My sunglasses transform into a handgun. Neat huh?
Don't make that face at me Cassandra! Yeah? So what if i know your name now and i did not before. Am i liar? You tell me. you liar!

I've just been told we're being connected to Ben Parks in France.
Sorry there was an error.

There always is.
Does Ben Parks even exist?
It seems i've been fired. Well i'm only going if Cassandras going caus she ruined my life! What? How?? She made me cheat on my wife and lose my job!
You!! None of this is my fault!

The end

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