Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Big Post about Everything

Today in the news it may or may not be Blogger's birthday. This information came up when we saw a picture of a birthday cake on the logo that heads the blogspot pages.

Now the world is full of different news. Things like japanese men having successful business careers and animators doing fantastic freelance work in Sydney, Australia.
But who was it that said the most important news is, at home?
And who else was it that said, home is where the fridge is? That was garfield.

So in todays post i will be showing and talking about the happenings .. here

So first off.
The Daily Crumb are working on a new cartoon (It is only in idea and design phases now.)

It is a whole of a lot different to what has been done in the past.

To start off.
Do you remember Madeline?
Little orange hair american girl with a french accent from the original cartoons?

Ringing bells? Well as we are casting new actors for the new roles in the film Madeline actually turned up!
Though shes a bit older now..

Though the old french woman did inspire us a little. Why do such complicated drawings when you can 'go a bit simple' and still get away with the story?
Well i ended up going simple with the faces anyway as you will see hopefully.

The films title is
To the end of the Rainbow
or just End of the Rainbow
or Cliff and the end of the Rainbow
or just Cliff?
but not Rainbow... never Rainbow.
Anyway i will get back to you with that.
It will be Daily Crumb's first fantasy adventure film.

But before i go into that here are some of the other.. odd looking witches that auditioned for the role of THE WITCH.

Bit bland love.
Poor girl, looks sick.

Sorry, do you even know what a witch is?
Then she turned me into a frog

Thats what i'm talking about! Look at those colours! But no, not quite what we're looking for sorry.

So they were all kicked out..
until one of their twins auditioned.

Back to the fantasy thing.
I write crazy stories all the time. Some make sense, most of them don't. And none of them are read.
I've never been brave enough to put a story of mine properly onto screen. Apart from when i did You Can't Handle the Knowledge which i think failed storywise.

So anyway this will be my fantasy debut i feel.
As i say, i'm not brave so this might never get made.



Matthew Menhenick, as you may know is the king of Fantasy down here in Plymouth. His stories are full of strange creatures and different adventures for Blob and his many other characters. He works pretty hard as well for some reason. He should really enter them into competitions. We all should.
But wasting our time aside his work has always inspired me.

Some of the best stuff is magical, fantasy, mythical. Look at the Brackenwood Series. A masterpiece.

So anyway i'd like to point out Matthew is working once again on another BLOB story. An expected bestseller.

You can see all updates and screenshots here

Here are some of my faves.

Check out that guys hat.

So thats him. Go check his work out


Next up on the list that has not been written yet i must go into the future and make sure i write it for my future self to pick it up and give it to my present self.
is Rainbows.

If my film has a rainbow in it.. i might as well study them.

My sister made her own.

and.. a picture i took

full stop.

Thankyou for reading, viewing or skimming this article.

For those who read, you must be ever so proud.

Unfortunately this design will not be used.

- The Daily Crumb

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