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Christmas Day TV

Today in the news a man got lost in a cake universe.

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Well Christmas is over and the new year is waiting for a broken back.
The lights, the colours. It will all be over soon, i hope you made the most of it. If you were complaining that 'it was meant to be a time of happiness and you were actually depressed' it is your loss. Maybe that will teach you for next year. Have you not seen the chripy New York Christmas movies that scatter across television over the Christmas season? They'll teach you whats what.
I watched a great British one where a mother with two daughters were living in a giant store full of everything from foods and furniture to christmas decorations and tents. They came across a wonderful adventure and ended up getting a free meal with a one legged pirate from Blackadder who had recently met S Club 7 who are actually dead now.
It was a lovely TV movie. Mainly because i love the idea of living and hiding inside a store full of everything. Astonishingly it was called 'The Greatest Store in the World. '
It starred Dervla Kirwan as the mother.
Later on that evening we saw the wonderful new Wallace and Gromit Film which was as expected. Unique compared to the other films, and freshly baked. I very much enjoyed this rather predictable but loveable film. Then of course was the depressing stories of Eastenders which were up to standard, everything messed up.
I was surprised to see Ian Beale with a smile that was not related to an evil plot.
Dervla Kirwan, the mother in the earlier film then appeared in the wonderful Christmas Episode of DOCTOR WHO!

Doctor Who: The Next Doctor
None of the Christmas Episodes have been 'brilliant' compared to some of the series episodes but this one was definitely at the top of the list.

So it began just mumbo jumbo, whats going on? But that made it exciting with flying up the walls and sliding on the floors. With SO much confusion you knew it HAD to be explained somehow as the episode went on.
With the two brilliant actors, David and David the story panned out and became easily understandable.
Maybe Russell's earlier writings have not been clear due to the actors abilities? Aah.. nah probably not. There is no doubt, Russell is a fantastic writer, but having to write SO many episodes a lot of them lack...
As i said earlier the Christmas episodes have never been amazing,
Chrissy 1. because of the 'directing' (i'm sorry Mr. Director for that episode)
Each one has topped the other though.
Chrissy 2. Catherine Tate was a pain.. and continued to be when she was brought back mysteriously. I know many of you wont agree with me. At points in the series she really did well. I blamed a lot of her annoying performances on writing, 'Partners in Crime' and some points in 'Pompeii'.
Chrissy 3. Titanic.
I thought this was my favourite Christmas episode with the golden colours, great effects and epic writing. Although the whole 'REASON' behind the story shot past at first viewing and well, didnt make much sense.
Also, that bridge scene, killing everyone off in one go? That didnt annoy me too much when i first viewed it though. It was the slow motion falling and waving at the camera as they moved towards their deaths. Every single one of them changed position when they fell!
I'm rambling on, THE NEXT DOCTOR, i think i like better than any of those episodes.

The Next Doctor was full of great photography, camera tricks, colours and a very original first half story with the 'other doctor'.
That, is how a story is meant to pan out. I very much enjoyed that, the era was perfect. The red dress in the snow was a wonderful touch as well as the cybermen's electricity in the white background.
Then they topped it all off with a giant robot stamping on the town, and it looked SWELL. Very well done, the cgi has upped a lot since Christopher and i thought it went well with the story. Miss. Hartigan was amazing a long with the rest of the supporting characters.
She of course becomes the CYBERKING. Which was... also great. A little odd at times with her sitting in the (i think its the mouth of the giant robot with her armoured guards beside her).
But this was ignored (by me) when the Doctor used the BALLOON Tardis.
I think the colours are really what made this whole episode amazing, from Morrissey's clothing to the night scenes.
The Cybershades were also a nice touch, just something tiny to tag along. Apart from them being like pantomime animals their jumping and climbing skills were awesome.
But, like the TITANIC ending the reason behind how the Doctor defeated them was shot past but luckily still understandable at the same time.
The balloon, the robot, both standing tall in the sky made the episode close fine. Then the folks below finally applauded the doctor, another nice touch to the story. I am just ending on little points now, the second being as a doctor who fan i loved seeing the memory of faces appear from the infostamp.

And thats it!
I cannot really decide which is the best Christmas episode. Catherine Tate's had the TARDIS flyby on the road which was amazing. Titantic has.. well a flying space Titantic and this episode was just grand.
I think this Christmas wins because of the first half storyline. :)

Have a happy new year!
- The Daily Crumb

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  1. Yeah!
    The christmas special was awesome!
    Clever plot! Thubs up!
    Oh and watched Wallace and Gromit, was very good though lacked humour at parts i felt :)