Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Grave of the Fireflies and Christmas Cast List

Today in the news basket of food given to dead body.

First off, before even thinking about the depression Grave of the Fireflies produces here is the cast list for the Tomothy and Pals Christmas.

Tomothy: Benjamin Biscuitboy
Jerome: Courtney Leacock
Ellie: Eloise Viney
Tadhg: Tadhg Viney
Vinnie: Lee Sands
Monet the bear: Mike Swain

I'm very happy to have Mike Swain in this short! weeheee!

Because Blob Corp are good at releasing screenshots (blobcorp.blogspot.com) formerly RMNCOPZ Blog.
I will.

So this is Jerome on the phone, and they've just hung up on him OUCH

Studio Ghibli:
Grave of the Fireflies

Sure, they're ghosts so they're going to die.
But hopefully they hav a nice eventful, jolly time before they pass away.
No they dont, without ruining the film for anyone it starts off depressing, the middle is a bit lighter and then it ends depressing.
To be honest, a fantastic story, but not one id read to the kids.

A note for all UK readers, Whisper of the Heart is being shown on channel 4 this week i believe so set your recorders.

- The Daily Crumb

- The Daily Crumb

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  1. Your christmas special is looking great!

    Grave of the fire flies was said to be depressing, still want to see it though! :)

    Keep on animating!