Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blob and The Earth Child

Today in the news i was going to joke around with a Christmas song.

9 min 39, Blob and the Earth Child is Matthew Menhenick's new Animated Adventure released only on Youtube for your delight.

Introducing a whole heap of new characters (The Elements), Blob has to save the day once again but this time making some strong new friends.
This cartoon has a great story and very entertaining for a younger audience, the colours, unique and clear characters make the story easy to follow and recognise.

Not to mention how great the high lords voice is.. *cough* BUT in truth his voice meshs with the choice of music grandly. I love the 'painted' like images behind him as he speaks about the many elements. Also, their unique hats.
For Matt, it must be great to see his drawing (Blob) becoming a person of his own on the screen. With his plants, sun bed/ deck chair and drink.
Both Blob and the Earth Child as well as the High Lord and the General were good double act teams.
All in all it was well directed as well, seeing the animation improving. And constantly being ahead of me with camera angles :(
well done! Well worth the wait.
The best feature yet!

Have a watch of the film, and check out his website for new updates if you like the work.

- The Daily Crumb

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