Monday, December 01, 2008

The BBC this Christmas

Today in the news Matthew Menhenick makes Harry Hill Joke in, Plymouth.

Well we all know television is the best at Christmas.
And this year there wont be any change.

In the UK the highlights i can pick out are

Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death
A Jonathan Creek Special
Doctor Who: The Next Doctor (The door/cyberman clip in this video is funny)
and the various dramatic moments of Eastenders.

Here is a trailer for the drama side of things:
(May only viewable to those in the UK)

Also: I have not seen this video before

Talking of David Tennant. Is this not just the greatest messege you have ever seen?
- The Daily Crumb

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  1. I did a harry hill joke? :)

    Looks like i'm in front of the TV all of christmas day! :D