Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stuggling around the house
Falling, reaching in pain
Trying to find a working pen
"I've got one," I was relieved to find a blue pen under a sofa cushion. "What do you want me to write?"
I was holding the phone up to my ear listening in for a response.
"You've got an enemy," the voice said.
"I've got plenty."
"No... you have one enemy."
"Check your sofa again."
I slowly put the phone down and turned my head. There, sat on the sofa was Vector. "OH MY GOD!" I screamed in shock. "Why do you keep coming back?"
There was no answer, Vector sat motionless with his legs crossed.
I walked slowly towards him, "Were you trying to scare me or something?" My words drifted away when i noticed Vector was white. Then i noticed the blood tripping from his mouth.
I closed my eyes and turned away. "He's... dead.."

"So, you have one enemy."
"Who are you?"
"I am, that one enemy. My name is not important at the moment. But ive just called the emergency line. The police and ambulances will be at your place in moments. I suggest, running."
I'd read books, seen films where the character was framed. Then they just ran, or tried to hide the bodies.
Well, i decided to break that chain and stay put.
I sat beside Vector and switched on the television. A typical cooking show appeared, "Put this in for at least an hour." The man took it out from the oven, "Now you're ready to cook."
That was not an hour.

The phone rang again.
"Why arent you running? They are going to get you for murder."
"No, i'll just explain that a crazy guy called and left the body here. I'm sure they'll believe me."
"You idiot, they dont believe stuff like that unless there is proof."
"There is proof, i've got a video camera outside picking you up on your mobile."
There was silence.
Then a curse from the other voice.

Then he hung up.

I walked outside and took the camera from the flowerpot it sat in.
Inside i rewinded the tape to see the appearence of the man that called. He wore a black hat and sun glasses.
I did not recognize him... what did he have against me?

The police arrived with flashing lights.
As they stepped inside i explained what had happened, sure they were questioning me. Soon, after listening to the sound on the camera they believed me.
"We should trace the call. Find out who owns the mobile." One officer said.
I nodded.
The lights flickered off.
I blinked in pattern and then they were off. Pitch black in The Daily Crumb.
"Shut up... they're gone." The voice from the phone.
"What?? Where have they gone?"
The voice grunted and switched on the light.
The police bodies were crumpled bloody on the floor. Next to them stood the man, he laughed. "You dont know me do you?"
"Maybe i'm a crazed fan."
"Stop writing down everything i say for your blog."
"It's not a blog, it's an online newspaper."
The man held up a long knife and started walking towards me. "I hate you Nathan. I hate everything that is The Daily Crumb." He continued walking.
"You really want to know Nathan?"
The knife was on my chin.
"Yes....." I gulped.
"Because i auditoned for the medium in the second Silver Screen film and what did you do? Hire some nutcase."
"Well.. we were sort of looking for a nutcase."
"Yeah! Well here's your case of nuts."
He opened a suitcase that sat by his feet, the knife still on my chin. Hundreds of nuts collapsed out of it and rolled towards me.
"Hire me for your next movie. OR... die."
"Sounds like either way i live."
"Shut up."
For some reason he'd backed me against the back door. So i fell backwards, landed on my foot and leapt off into the distance.
He swung his knife in anger and began to run after me.
This was, until he was hit by a passing train.
His body shot out of my eye sight and the trains carriages finally disapeared with the train.

I stood in the desert staring at The Daily Crumb, rebuilt after Penny Lane was destroyed and wondered, "I really should not care... they're always going to die. I never die, i always win..... i can just sit back and relax."

The next day the Duck stepped through the front door glaring at me with evil eyes. The robotic voice spoke, "I'm back, and i have unfinished buisness. The ugly duckling wants its kill."
I laughed and relaxed in my chair.
Then i found a sword in my stomach. Now the duck was quacking in laughter. He let go of the handle and turned away walking through the door.

I felt dizzy

-RThgdena crumvb

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