Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hotel in Time/Vectors Technology

Blue sky, green grass. The sun is high and the pollution is calling an army against us.

It all started this morning, i rang the bell at the reception of the Orvcet Hotel. A man came to the desk with a bell on the end of his hat. "Good morning sir. Sea or no sea?"
I stood confused, "No C."
"Very well."
I paid and was shown to my room, up the lift, the 550th floor.
Room 550.
"Everytime you go out you may leave your key at the front desk."
I thanked the bell boy and sent him on his way.
I opened the door of 550.
All there was was glass, my nose hit the window in front of me. I groaned and started hitting it, "What kind of joke is this?" Then i looked down, so very high up.
The mist by the glass was the clouds. I stepped back watching as a crack developed from where i hit my nose.
It got larger and larger until the whole window exploded into pieces letting a powerful wind burst through.
I screamed and held onto the door handle, my legs lifted and i was sucked out of the frame. My body swooped through the cold air and then i landed.
My head fell forward as i opened my eyes, a beautiful green field. The sky was so blue you could put it in a jar and then call it 'blue sky in a jar'.

The bell boy walked over to me, "Welcome." He paused, "TO THE ORVCET HOTEL!" He was very happy.
"What are you doing in my room?" I asked. As a response he blinked into the air with the ring of a bell.
I stood up and stared over the field. "No bed, no tv, nothing. A rip off, not even a door to get out."
There was silence.
A man in armour walked towards me. He gave me some heavy gear, "You'll be needing this, put it on fast. We're almost at war."
I put the armour on and stared into the wilderness. "So.... what are you guys doing in my room?"
Soldiers in similar armour were grouped up behind me stood silently listening to the wind. The man frowned, "This is our future. The hotel was built to get soldiers from the past time to help defend the human race from the Pollution."
"The who da what now?"
"You are a soldier, we kidnapped you. The pollution killed the human race so we had to do this. The hotel is a trap for recruiting."
A man shouted from far off, "HERE THEY COME!"
A large green mist of figures emerged over the green hill killing the grass.
"The pollution..... here they come."

I was not having any of this, "Look, just give me one of those glass doors again, i want to get back. I want to write this in my newspaper."
"And what newspaper is that?"
"The Daily Crumb."
"Well then lets hope you die in this battle."
I found myself one in a long line of soldiers standing, awaiting command. One screamed, "There are 550 of us and 5890 of them, we stand no chance!"
Another spoke, "We'll be wiped out in seconds!"
The main soldier ignored every comment and just stepped forwards, "Right. Lets go screaming."
I was wondering why id walked into so many 550's in the day.
Before i could conclude my thoughts i was running with the pack of soldiers towards the gloomy, smelly characters running towards me.
An empty can of coke hit me in the head, a plastic bag next landing on my hand. More cans, crisp packets firing at me.
Then it went silent, just screaming and a flash of light. A quick glimpse of teeth and eyes shot in front of me.
More darkness.
I collapsed.
A mans blurred shape appeared standing over me. "It is really you, i cant believe my eyes."
I pulled myself up and noticed i was in a white room, nothing for miles. "Me?"
"Nathan, the writer of The Daily Crumb. It is me, VECTOR!"
I got up in shock and pulled a blade from the air throwing it to the shadowy mans chin. I was surprised for a moment... i didnt remember having a sword.
"This is the hite dimension. It's fictional, this is just a tiny room in your mind. Sorry for the intrusion, it is just the technology of the future." Vector spoke so proud.
"Last time i saw you, you tried to kill me... twice.... in fact i watched you explode as a Gwerm."
"You forget the size of my brain, any piece of my brain could be reused. It did, by the Vector Gang. There are still dark times to come for you Nathan but you will survive them all. I matured over these years realising my hatred was, like the hite dimension, fictional.
So now i stand here, forming an army to fight the pollution."
I began writing this down in my notebook for the article.
"At the moment you are frozen in time, every other human is dieing, we didnt collect enough warriors. Outside this brain is the end of the human race. Pollution kills earth, just like expected. Pollution was controlled by a germ and evolved into its own creature taking over the world."
I frowned, "This isnt very interesting, it is fine in 2008, cant i just go back there?"
"No, im not as mature as i say i am. I want you to watch the humans die, slowly."
A screen appeared beside me in the white and i watched the people dieing, ripped up by green gunk.
"Imagine it Nathan, a tip in every city.. alive...... no one expected that. Even my technology was not good enough.... my brain was not good enough."
"Orvcet.. Hotel... Vector... DAMN IT. Why do i always fall into these holes?" I screamed.

I looked away but the screen appeared in my new direction, even when i covered my eyes they appeared on my hands, in my eyes.
"How are you doing this?"
"The power of the mind, the hite dimension."

This gave me an idea, i looked up at him and used my mind. Straining thought and suddenly..
A 550 tonne block of cheese appeared out of the white and crushed Vector into the ground. I shrieked. "Oh dear...."

The images in my mind disapeared and then so did hite.
I appeared back in the field, but it was not green anymore. A low fog of junk circled my legs. "OH MY GOD, YOU'RE STILL ALIVE!" The main soldier ran towards me.
"We will ignore commands and escape, i'll use the Vector teleport ray." He held up a gun and fired.

I was in the Hotel hallway glaring down the corridor.
I breathed and noticed the bell boy was standing beside me. "Did we win?"
I shook my head.
He cried.
I laughed
He cried
I laughed some more
He got angry
I was banned from the Hotel.

Lucky i was, all the glass doors exploded and the whole building got sucked into the future. The block was now just dirt.

Next hotel...

- The Daily Crumb

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