Monday, July 14, 2008

The Secret Sequel

You know me as the editor

I rewind, cut and pause your life around you.

This morning i woke up with a novel placed over my face. As i sat up it slid down into my hands and i began to read.
"The Thorn Bolt and the Broken Spoon Dance. Written by Trolley Ostridge and Rhonda Byrne."
I opened it up and gave it a twinkle.
"You all know the rules of the world, the basic human mind control. The fact every human on earth is a transmission tower for whatever they want. With peace comes your wants. Well now this book moves onto the greater side of it.
Who created us? Designed us to do this?
The Editor
The Editor is a man rarely seen by any human. Doctor. Falcon Berk Mansly said, "As a young boy my family were one of fighting. I understand their views on the world were so negative they could not turn back. This normally when the Editor appears, he clicks his fingers.
My parents were erased from my household.
The man was wearing sunglasses and a dark hat, that looked too big for him.
He disapeared after that."

This book is silly.

"The Secret of the Editor revealed: If you've lost all hope in life the Editor appears and fixes your problems, or just disapears you.
Whatever works best. Its a bit like the matrix really... oh, i think that old guy was called The Editor as well.
Thats a shame, i thought we were going somewhere with this book. "
The Thorn Bolt and the Broken Spoon Dance. Written by Trolley Ostridge and Rhonda Byrne

Two years from now the Editkor will return, notice i changed his name to Editkor. or Edikor. Edikor sounds good. He will return and erase all that is evil. So make sure you are not evil at that time or you will be in grave danger.
First thing:
He will send down his employees. Thorn Bolt and Broken Spoon Dance. Broken Spoon Dance is always drunk so will be the one to erase occasional 'good' people rather than 'bad'. Thorn Bolt will kill the 'bad' group slowly and 'then' erase them battered.

This is all the fun of the gods.
Broken Spoon Dance spoke:
"Well this job only goes as far as getting rid of people. Whether a person is bad, or smokes, there are never any compaints on eraseing them."
Thanks Broken Spoon Dance.s

Well that was fun
- The Daily Crumb

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  1. So evil the Editor is the 'new' god, or perhaps he was god all along?