Thursday, April 03, 2008

Top NINE Coolest looking animated characters.

Today innit
Also. Get ready FOR

Today we add a 1 2 10 and take away a jewel from smokey.
After asking a few people and deciding on some myself i've chosen the coolest designed characters.
But that dosent exclude the personality of the character, it all helps.
Let's begin.
  • The Iron Giant
  • Invader Zim
  • Bender

Apparently :O


Should be first place! You cant beat that attitude, map for a brain and speed skills.
Something missing? Read the bottom of the post.

She's in the wrong place! She should be number 1!

TWO? That is not fair on the rest of them!

Should have been number one :O

Swiiish. I hear Aang is a big hit.

Let's just say he inspired this list.

It's Asterix!
Always been a fantastically cool character
Please note that these are not in a strict order. Although i'm sure its very close to the truth.

Well that concludes The Daily Crumb's Top 11 Coolest looking animated characters.
Maybe next time top 11 coolest looking live action characters?
Never know.
Please go off and enjoy this broadcast.

"Welcome back to The Daily Crumb working with the BBC to create childrens and elderly television. Today on the show we're going to be reading the story of the maggot who lost his eyes.
But first, its the PIG DEBATE
Whats better? Pigs, or Tape recorders?
Email us at with your answers.
and please, give detailed reasons why.

tune in next time

- The Daily Crumb

anybody realise we're missing an eight.. and a seven come to mention it?
Argued out:
  • Linguini
  • Naruto

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