Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Daily Crumb does EASTENDERS

This week in Eastenders i was rather
surprised to see Heather was shot!!!

Not half as bad as some of
Bradleys 'Dancing'

But here's a question, who was it that actually shot Heather in Eastenders?

Well here's a clip from a little bit earlier.

Of course Heather wasnt shot! As you can see here

I was also surprised to see Shirley had one of those pieces of paper that could transform into a mobile phone.

And whilst saying sorry to Steven for something else Stacey has done she brought along a cardboard cut out of munch! I see we have a Stargazed fan on the show.

- Only@TheDailyCrumb

All videos and everything by the BBC. You people are good, you made Doctor Who. Pats on the back. You people are bad. Making Catherine Tate companion. No pats on the back.

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