Monday, April 07, 2008

Tomothy and Pals release date

there is none :O

But what is done so far has been shown to the BBFC. Now if you dont know what that is, it is
British Board of Film Classification.

Before this occured the countries across the world rated the film.

Argentina gave it a G (For All)
Belgium gave it an L (For All)
Brazil gave it an L as well
Bulgaria gave it an A (For All)
Canada, if they excist gave it a G as well
And the list goes on
(Yes the film will be subtitled in those languages)
Even Flashants Taiwan gave it a G!

But what did the BBFC give tomothy and Pals, You Can't Handle the Knowledge?
they gave it an

didnt they.


Sweeney Todd, 18. ok some gore but its so fake its funny + no swearing or adult themes, apart from killing and its an 18..
18. I know lots of you are in your 50's but think about our position. Even though im going to be 18 soon anyway i still make my stand. M15+ in Australia, uh huh. yep. i'm sure it was similar in other countries.

Next problem.
I bought TekkonKinkreet, amazing film, i'll post some screenshots of it. i recommend buying it.
It's a 12 on the packet (May contain violence)
Pretty graphic violence for a 12, swearing and even adult themes/almost nudity. So, hmm. Maybe they didnt count the swearing because it was in 'japanese' and only in subtitles. but still, come on?
Someone made a mistake when rateing this film.
"Oh another childrens cartoon, i hear its a bit violent i'll make it 12 just in case. I'm too lazy too watch it, i am going to nip out and get some pizza. Hey pizza man! PIZZA MAN! Darn, little rascal.
Hey wheres those various drugs and alcohol i keep hidden away from my pet cat?
Yo Benny, how ya going mate? I'm feeling a bit dizzy because of some various things i'm not too imformed of happening to my brain.
Oh alright.
Yo dude, have you seen Tekkonkinkreet? i'm meant to be givin it a classification tonight. I put 12 ya know.
12? Thats a bit young, id say 15, wish there was one in the middle. Like.. 14..... not 13.. too young for 13. but yeh, (14) Anyway, it countains adult themes, gore and such, not horrible gore just the usuel stabbing, setting people on fire and such. "
"Nah man i cant hear you, my ears are feeling all like an aeroplane feels when its in your ears ya know?"
"No... whats wrong with you today, are you ill?"
"NO MAN.. i've been drinking, and doing some sort of drugs that do this to people plus ive obviously just landed...."
"Right that's it"
*He pulls out sword and stabs him*

Well i dont know really, looking at the British Class chart...
It looks like 12 is meant to be quite an old age. Maybe here in the UK children are adults at 12, smoking and gambling.
It's possible i suppose.
When i entered this country they were smoking at 16.
I thought they'd made it a higher age, but maybe they've made it earlier.

Soon the whole world with be a duplicate of Bugsy Malone.
A nice way to end off but i'm not finished.

We strike BB initials again. but i dont think it's mainly their fault. Who thought of bring CATHERINE TATE back to Doctor Who, AS A FULL TIME COMPANION?
Well she's ruined a bunch of perfectly good stories i suppose.

Thanks Russell, producers, Cathy.
She's one of those extremely annoying people you cannot stand to watch. They are challenging us?
Put the most annoying person in the best ever show?
will we still watch?
Yes we will

But hundreds of people around the UK actually enjoy her as new companion!

Tell us why John Hutch:

"the fact that she is something new and the series has some great stories in this one"
Yes, the stories are going to be great but... they could easily have chosen a 'better' and less annoying actor to play this new character??"
"she's much better than when she was in the runaway bride"
is it because you met her/ saw her in person?
"apart from that"

what other people are saying:

"I liked Donna"
"Had a major change of heart about Donna, any woman who is sensible enough to try to smash a window with a spanner when it's not opening any other way gets points in my book. And she's soooo excited to be going with the Doctor, which is just cool, bless 'er."
"Catherine Tate. I thought she was great"
"Donna. I was expecting her to be a good char, but wasn't expecting her to be like this. She fills the role of down-to-earth, grown up companion we haven't really had."#

- The Daily Crumb

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