Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tomothy and Pals Poster

Today in the news four thousand tiny pupils left their humans eyes and made their way to an enormous School reunion! They were located in America heading towards the sea!
People are wondering whether they copied the YuYu cloud, or even worse, the Lost cloud that the YuYu stole :O
The tutors are hoping every pupil will return. "I sure hope every darn doodiling little student returns to our diddily invisible fat chunk of cheese educational department centre for children under the age of watching VHS.
A military operation is going ahead to kill every single pupil sailing across the ocean. They have built a giant underwater bucket and are going to lift it up, they will then lock the bucket with a metal lid.
The pupils will have no breathing air at all.
Tutor: "I know, i heard!"
Officer Military Law Enforcement Man: "I have a decent job for a decent man. Thats me. I run a buisness with Jeffrey Katzenberg to destroy any unusual living creatures. We then steal their looks and create new ones with a different name!
We have already begun thinking of names "Pupil Tale" "Kung Fu Pupil" and "Pupilz"
Then we will create another patch for new born babies, upgrades might i say. Titled: Pupilz return for a second time, Pupils have a third appearence and Pupils 4.
Everything is discussed and Seinfeld is all for the idea even adding in his own element to the idea. He is going to call one of the pupils Nemo, and then crush it on live camera just for his youtube channel. "
Tutor: "Nothing they say is true"
Jeffery Katzenberg: "I am bold"
More on that story later.
Oh yeh, new poster. A bit earlier than expected i know, but isnt that good? No not really
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  1. Liking the poster! What's with the pupil killing story random but funny!