Tuesday, April 29, 2008

John Lasseter in Bee Movie?

Today in the news my next project is going to be called DONUT and it is going to be about a nut that wants to learn how to bake donuts, in Paris. Not really.
A bit of a mean stab apparently.

If so, here could be the reason why:
INFO Quoted from JimHillMedia.com

Why For? Well, as I understand it, Jerry & John supposedly had an awkward encounter at Vanity Fair's 2006 Oscar party. Which reportedly came about because Seinfeld casually mentioned to Lasseter that he was working with DreamWorks Animation on "Bee Movie."

From what I've been told, John supposedly used Jerry's brief mention of his new insect-based project as an opportunity to bring up the "Antz" / "A Bug's Life" episode. Where (it's been alleged) Jeffrey Katzenberg "borrowed" the initial premise for Pixar's second picture to use as inspiration for DreamWorks Animation's first CG release.

This conversation then reportedly closed out with Lasseter telling Seinfeld to be careful around Katzenberg. Which was unfortunate. Given that this comic had already been working closely with Katzenberg for a number of years at that point to try & make "Bee Movie" a reality. Which is why Jerry now considers Jeffery to be a good close friend.

So what Lasseter allegedly intended as a helpful bit of advice, Seinfeld supposedly took as a rather insulting remark about a friend of his. Which is why -- the very next time Jerry got together with the "Bee Movie" production team to discuss how that they could "plus" their animated feature -- it was Seinfeld himself who reportedly suggested that they add that blink-and-you'll-miss-it gag that deliberately twitted Lasseter. Which is where this "fat guy in a flowered shirt" gag allegedly came from.

He's twisted Seinfeld's brain juices up.
Oh well, if i were you John i wouldnt care. You got a caricature, thats nice :D
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