Monday, November 26, 2007


Today in the news the man that was crushed by the bus actually woke up whilst being cremated.
This ended in a mess.
Also in the news someone has written us up an Uncyclopedia Page
Check it out here

Odd quotes from the page:
"Nathan Viney was not found and the violence and mayhem eventually died down. Since then the police have been agitated as The Daily Crumb continues to update readers with 'fake' news."

This is because we are located in a secret place.
Add THIS to your little Uncyclopedia page.
Daniel Kerr did not die of frost bite, oh no. Sammy bit his arm off because he was going to release our where abouts online.
He's dead now because of you people! And he loved writing for us too, so in honor of him we shall continue to write amazing articles for all to read.

"The Daily Crumb once owned its own Radio Station playing illegally downloaded and broadcasted music 24/7. Unfortunately it was also closed down due to the 'fake' news riots. Callers used to ring in and ask for advice, and comment on the days sport. They also rather liked eating on air just to make people jealous, they commented that they'd lost a lot of listeners on those sessions."

This is true.
We've gathered up some old recordings we plan to release very soon.

- The Daily Crumb
Edit: It does look as if something has happened to all of the information on the page.

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