Wednesday, November 21, 2007

$$$ Money Crisis, Please donate. $$$

Today in the news
Our offices were once again threatened today, it seems some of the monkeys are not putting their share of cash into the Crumb.
Their share is the amount of their monthly pay and if they don't pay they will lose their jobs. So all in all i suggest they get new jobs. I disagree!
Sorry. Sammy wanted to write an article today.
Shame i locked him in the cupboard.
Anyway, because of this money crisis we've had to plunk up advertisements around the site. Things like Marmite and Mc Donalds. Once we've gained a bit more cash we'll get rid of these. So PLEASE
to this address as soon as possible.
We were asked to put this on.......

Dont forget to not enter the Brackenwood Trailer comp so it makes less competition. thankyou.

- The Daily Crumb

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