Friday, November 23, 2007

Project Insanity? and Comedy Award

Project Insanity? more like ... Donut in..symphony
The comedy award this week goes to this man

Bryan Seymour, works for Today Tonight.
The award was given for his amazing performance with the Chaser.
He spoofed their 'countdown' on words "Lawyer" and at the same time couldn't help himself saying "Trespass" so many times.
Watch the video that won the award here.
Today in the news it seems Ugly Frown our office clown. (Check out info on Ugly frown here. The well designed website informs you of where he grew up. (The East End of London. How his real name is Ben and his mother pinched him, and how he grew up threatened by his fathers drunken bald state. He went to university studying photography, eventually went bald at the elderly age of 18 just like his father, Phil. On his 19th birthday realizing he didn't have anything to do any more because he wasn't underage so he slept in a dustbin.
And thats where we picked him up, we stuck some crazy white hair wig on his head and painted his nose red. Then filmed the hobo's reaction in the morning.
From then on we payed him five cents a week to entertain workers with his boar impressions. )
So yeah, it's pretty well designed. Anyway, Ugly Frown had a heart attack. Now back to business.
We heard somehow for some reason that they were working together with Marmite to BUST us. And i quote: "We the insanity team and evil marmite has now taken over The Daily Crumb!
We have placed advertisements all over his site due to low money.."
Well we fixed them pretty quick by getting rid of those advertisements!
Being poor and closing down instead of being threatened by them is a win in my mind.
So hah

We have done a lot of research and pinpointed the Insanity team officers here

Now... writers of Project insanity.
Well you will soon, we've planted a family of Tintut's through your windows.
So watch out.

- The Daily Crumb
Also, if you didn't realize. This weeks comedy award was sarcastic.

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